Vent Days - Appartements Zirmhof - gemütliches Appartementhaus im Bergsteigerdorf Vent / Ötztal

Vent days – in the heart of the Ötztal Alps

You are lucky to be in Vent!
Being in the mountains means being able to experience a special atmosphere out in the open. What makes the mountain landscape around Vent so fascinating is the diversity of its scenery. From glaciers to rock formations, from waterfalls roaring down into the valley to impressive summits, one mountain experience chases the next here in the heart of the Ötztal Alps.

Winter especially has its special charm here in Vent. Sitting at 1,900 metres height ensures a one of a kind snow and ski experience. Both the rich diversity and the calm of the mountains will open up your mind to the new.

Spending a couple of days in Vent makes you focus on the essential things again. It renews your energy, inspires you and makes you conscious of the important things. We call this the experience and pleasure of "Vent days".

Vent is a village with character
At Zwieselstein, after Sölden, you turn right into the valley – time already seems to slow down. A new world opens up. Steep mountain woods and meadows with farmhouses, that were built there with lots of hard work, as their jewellery. Meter after meter, you are slowly escaping everyday life, while the unmistakable silhouette of Vent appears. The small church of Vent and the houses are coming nearer and nearer. You arrive. The air is splendid. The small 150-inhabitant-village is surrounded by the highest mountains of Tyrol. Vent has successfully preserved its rural character. Nearly every family in Vent owns a hotel or a restaurant, lets rooms or apartments, runs one of the nearby mountain huts or a shop. Vent is a village of mountain guides and ski instructors - we live in, with and from the mountains.

There are five active farms in Vent, all with a focus on sustainability. Whatever possible is brought from own production to the table. Vent is different. Everything here is comfortably central. The small village at the end of the valley has an infrastructure that will surprise you with its restaurants, cafés, groceries and sports shops. During winter, you live in the middle of your own ski resort and our guests appreciate the excellent ski school. You can also find trails for walking and hiking. Only a few steps and you're in the midst of nature. Children enjoy it, and their parents even more so.

Vent’s greatest treasure is to be found on the mountains. Here, at the cradle of the Tyrolean mountain tourism, the first mountain huts were founded. Since then, tourists from all over the world are guided up into the mountains throughout summer and winter. Impressive glaciers and summits as well as cosy huts are attractive destinations. What makes Vent one of a kind are, however, the friendly people and the unique atmosphere which especially attracts those who deliberately look for something different.

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